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How do I log into I-Branch if I only have a UIECU Credit Card?
Your credit union savings account number (member number) is utilized to access I-Branch. This number was provided to you when you first opened your account. If you have not yet set up your I-Branch account you will need to set-up your password and security questions. Please note that you will only have to complete the following process once to set up the required multi-factor authentication security feature.

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How do I log into I-Branch?
If you have not yet set up your I-Branch account you will need to set-up your password and security questions. Please note that you will only have to complete the following process once to set up the required multi-factor authentication security feature.

o Click on I-Branch - Login to Home Banking.
o Click Enroll.
o Enter your Login ID - this will be your membership account number.
o Enter your Password. (The first time you log into I-Branch to setup your account the password will be the first two letters of your last name in lower case and the last four numbers of your social security number. Example, John Adams (SSN# 111-22-3333) would use ad3333.)
o Enter in the Random Code that is displayed in the box and click Next.
o Please read and Accept the disclosures for using I-Branch and Bill Payment to proceed. If you do not agree with the terms and disclosures for use of the system, please log out.
o Create three (3) Security Questions and Answers that are unique to you, to further secure your account. Each time you login, one of these questions will be randomly selected and will require your correct reply to proceed with the login.
o Create a Security Key word or phrase that will always display on your screen when you are in I-Branch. This security feature is an important step against phishing, if your Security Key word or phrase isn't displayed; you are not in I-Branch and should not proceed.
o Enter your email address. (Optional)
o Click on Finalize. You are now logged into your account and your Security Key word or phrase should be displayed in the upper left section of your screen.

We recommend that you should change your password once you have completed the account setup. Go to Options/Security Settings/Change Password.

For additional help, please call 217-278-7700 or email info@uiecu.org. We will verify your membership and give you the instructions. Please do not email your account number or any other identifier, please just send your full name.

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How do I log into I-Branch after the first log in?
You must use your Login ID and Password to access your accounts. Please make note of your Password and keep it private. If you have forgotten your Password, please contact UIECU at info@uiecu.org or 217-278-7700.
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What new features are available in the most recent I-Branch Upgrade?
The recent upgrade to I-Branch Home Banking (12/11) includes many new and exciting features that will help make your home banking experience easier and more informative. The list below is a snapshot of some of these new features:

• Password Change: Now you can change your password when you forget it by accessing the Forgot Password link while logging in. You’ll be taken through a secure process to update your password online.
• Joint Accounts: Accounts that you are joint on at UIECU will now appear on your Balances page. You can also now transfer balances between your own and your joint accounts online.
• Financial Management: We’ve added some new features under the Financial Management screen that will help you keep track of assets, liabilities, and net worth. Plus, you can now check out the Calendar to see your daily balances throughout the month.
• Budgeting Software: Download your statements and financial information into Quicken, Excel and other budgeting software.
• Questions? We’ve added a new Help link and Just Ask tab to help with common questions. Check them out today to find out more about what Home Banking can do for you!

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What are the parameters for setting up a Password?
The Password you select can be six (6) to twenty (20) alphanumeric characters.
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Is there a fee for I-Branch home banking or any service within I-Branch?
Access to I-Branch for account information, transfers and related transactions is provided free of charge. Within I-Branch several options are fee based. The online bill payment service, available by selecting Bill Pay, is available to members who have an Illini Advantage PLUS account or Eco-Checking account for free and to members with other checking accounts at a $3.99 monthly fee for unlimited use. Other services subject to a fee include: Stop Payment, Order Check Copies and Order Statement. These services are subject to fees regardless of whether they are requested in person or through I-Branch. The full schedule of fees is available online - Fee Schedule.
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How do I check my balance?
Your current balance is available on the first page under Accounts and Balances. You will see your current balance and your available balance. Available balance is the amount you currently have access to in your account and reflects pending charges and debit card transactions in your account.
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Can I transfer money to another person's account from my account?
Yes. An I-Branch Cross Accounts Authorization Form is required.
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How often is twice a month for transfers?
Twice a month transfers happen on the day you enter for the Start Transfer Date, and again fifteen (15) days after that.
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How do I transfer money between accounts?
Quick transfers can be made from the bottom of any screen. Or, click on Accounts and then Transfer from the navigation bar. Use schedule to transfer on a specific date. Use the pull down menus to select the account to transfer from and the account to transfer to. Then fill in the amount you would like to transfer.

After selecting Transfer Funds, you will get a confirmation number. Print the page or jot down the confirmation number for your records. More information is available by selecting Help from one of the navigation bars.
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How do I open an account?
On the website, you can apply for a wide variety of accounts. Click on Applications and then Account Application. All paperwork and disclosures will be mailed to you for your signature(s).
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How do I see if a check has cleared?
Click on your checking account to see Account Details. Everything that is listed under your account has cleared your credit union account. Review the list to find the check number in question or look through the payment amounts for the dollar amount of a check you have written. Cancelled checks are now available to view as well.
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How do I re-order checks?
On the navigation bar, go to Check Services and click on Check Reorder. You will need your re-order form from the last check order you received.

If this is your first time ordering checks or if you have a change in address, you will need to contact the credit union for instructions.
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How do I stop a check from being paid?
On the navigation bar, go to Check Services and click on Check Stop Pay. Fill in the requested information and click submit. There is a fee for a Stop Payment Request. See the Fee Schedule.
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How do I reach a real person within I-Branch?
To reach a real person, during office hours, select Options and then click on Secure Messaging. We will answer your question in the order it is received. Or you may call the credit union during office hours for support at 217-278-7700.

Please note: The response to your inquiry will be returned to you within I-Branch. I-Branch is not capable of sending email to your personal email account, at this time. You will see any messages under Options/Messages. If you would prefer to be contacted via your personal email account, please state so in your inquiry and include your personal email address and a phone number where you can be reached in the message. Not all inquiries can be answered via your personal email, due to the sensitive nature of account information and security concerns.

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Am I able to make a check withdrawal from my account?
Yes, it is possible to have a check withdrawn from your account. It will be made payable to the primary owner of the account and mailed to the address we have on file for the owner of the account. Go to Check Services then Check Withdrawal.
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Can I request a check withdrawal from my account payable to someone else?
It is not possible to have another person's name or address on a withdrawal check. To make a payment to someone else, please use the Bill Payment tab within I-Branch. There may be a fee associated with Bill Payment.
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Is there a fee for the Bill Payment service?
After a 60-day free trial period, there is a monthly fee for UIECU's online Bill Payment service. This fee will be automatically deducted from your checking account and is free for members with Illini Advantage PLUS Checking or Eco-Checking and $3.99 per month for all other checking accounts. For full disclosures, please see I-Branch Disclosure.
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How many bills can I pay with the Bill Payment service?
There is no limitation on the number of bills you can pay from your checking account.
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How do I cancel my Bill Payment service?
You may email us within I-Branch by clicking on Options, then Secure Messaging. Or you may write to us by fax or mail. Just confirm that all bills that have been requested, have been processed, and that you'd like to cancel the service and give us a specific date the cancellation should be effective.
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If I pay a bill online, am I able to stop payment on it? If so, how do I go about doing that?
Yes, you can request a stop payment by sending an email via I-Branch or by calling the credit union at 217-278-7700 or toll free at 877-678-4328. If the check has not cleared, a stop payment can be issued. If the bill was paid electronically, no stop payment can be issued. There is the standard $25.00 fee associated with stop payments. Please have the confirmation number of the transaction available when requesting a stop payment.
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Does Overdraft Protection cover my checking account if there aren't enough funds in it for paying a bill from the Pay Bills tab?
No. If the funds are not available, the transaction will not be successful. You will receive a message via I-Branch email stating that the transaction was unsuccessful.
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How do I download my information into Quicken or Microsoft Money?
Under the Accounts tab click on “Download”. From select the account and date range that you would like to include. Then select the program that you will be working with and submit. This will automatically prompt a pop-up box that starts to download the file to your computer.
Programs to choose from include:
• Quicken
• Quickbooks
• Microsoft Money
• Excel Spreadsheet
• Excel 2003 Spreadsheet
• Comma Separated Values
• Comma Separated Values (Excel 2003)

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