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Debit Card FAQ

How can I set a PIN for my UIECU Debit Card?
You can now activate and/or select a PIN for your UIECU Debit Card simply by calling 800-757-9848. We will no longer be mailing separate PIN mailers when a new card is issued.
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Is the Cash & Check Card a credit card, like a Visa Classic?
The Cash & Check Card is not a VISA Credit Card, because it draws on funds in your checking account. We recommend not using this card to hold or reserve expensive items, such as hotel reservations. Any dollar amount, used to reserve such an item, is held separate in your account and cannot be accessed until the hold is canceled or the funds are transferred out.
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Can I get an ATM/Debit (Cash & Check) card?
If you have a checking account you can apply for a Cash & Check Card. The Cash & Check Card has the VISA logo on it and may be used everywhere that VISA debit cards are accepted, as well as in most ATM machines. There is a $5 annual fee with this card (unless you have an
Illini Advantage PLUS, Eco-Checking, or Campus Checking).

Apply for your Cash & Check Card today by submitting your application to the credit union.
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How long does it take to get my Cash & Check Card?
It usually takes about 7 – 10 business days to receive your Cash & Check Card. Cards and PINs will arrive separately.
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What are the transaction fees associated with the Cash & Check Card and how do I avoid them?
For credit purchases, no fee will be assessed if you use the Cash & Check Card as credit. Simply select "Credit" when the terminal asks for your card type. If the terminal also asks if you know your PIN answer "No." You will sign the sales slip to authorize the transaction; your PIN is not necessary.

If you use the Cash & Check Card as an ATM/Debit card, for purchases, the terminal will need your PIN number to authorize the transaction. A $1.00 fee applies. (This option may allow you to get additional cash back, if the merchant permits.) This fee may is waived for Illini Advantage PLUS and Eco-Checking accounts).

If you use the Cash & Check Card at an ATM, for cash or other transactions, the terminal will need your PIN number to authorize the transaction. No fee applies at UIECU ATMs. At other machines, a $1.00 fee applies plus any applicable surcharges from other financial institutions may apply. This fee may be waived for some accounts, see your Terms & Disclosures for details.
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I have lost my Cash & Check Card, what do I do now?
Immediately call 217-278-7700 or 877-678-4328 (toll free) to report the card lost or stolen. To request a new card, please call the credit union at 217-278-7700 during regular business hours. (Please follow the phone tree options when calling after regular business hours.) Keep a careful eye on your account, using Touch Tone Teller or I-Branch, and immediately report any unauthorized transactions.
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Why is my balance different than my amount available?
All transactions are processed as soon as you use your Cash & Check Card, however the transaction may take several more days to finalize depending on when the transaction occurred, the merchant, and the amount. Your amount available reflects the most accurate estimation of your balance.
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Why has a purchase cleared on a different day than it was authorized?
When you make a purchase using your Cash & Check Card the authorized amount (plus any applicable fees/charges) is effectively taken from your account. However, it may take a couple of business days to process some transactions depending on the time the purchase was made, the amount, and the merchant.
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Is there a fee to replace my Cash & Check Card?
There may be a $15 fee to replace your lost or misused (resulting in the inability to use the card) Cash & Check Card.
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What is the phone number for activation of my Cash & Check Card once I receive it?
The Cash & Check Card activation line is 800-757-9848.
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Can I have two (2) cards for my account?
Yes. Cards are issued per signer per account. Each card is issued to the individual in that individual’s name.
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What is the international phone number to verify purchases with my Cash & Check Card?
To verify recent activity on your account, remove blockings, or report your card lost or stolen, contact the credit union at 217-278-7700 or our card processing center at 800-262-2024 or 973-682-2652 (if calling internationally). Visit our Travel Tips page for further information.
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Where can I get Fraud Center information about my Cash & Check Card?
What do I do if I think there are fraudulent transactions using my Cash & Check Card?
Call 217-278-7700 or 877-678-4328 (toll free), we will review your account and direct you to the appropriate steps. If you feel fraudulent purchases have been made, you will need to cancel your card immediately. Completion of dispute forms may also be required.

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