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e-statement FAQ

What are the minimum recommended system requirements for e-Statements?
The minimum requirements for e-statement are:

Processor Speed: 486 or higher
Modem Speed: 28.8 Kbps or higher
Monitor Size: Any size, 800x600 resolution or higher
Memory Size: 16MB or higher
Adobe Acrobat Reader 7.0 or greater
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Will I access my e-statement directly from uiecu.org?
You will receive an email notification when your new statements are ready to the email address you provide. E-Statements are always available, simply login to I-Branch, got to accounts and select e-statement.
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What Web browsers can I use to access e-Statements?
For maximum performance, we recommend that you use either Netscape Navigator 4.0 or higher or Microsoft® Internet Explorer 4.0 or higher.
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How is the integrity of my data maintained using Internet access with SSL protocol?
UIECU uses the latest Internet security technology and techniques to help ensure that your statement information is as secure as possible. These techniques include user authentication, data encryption, and the use of secure servers, which are designed to keep out potential intruders. UIECU e-Statements use Secure Socket Layer (SSL) protocol to encrypt sensitive data prior to transmission over the Internet so it is protected from anyone attempting to read it in transit. There is strong encryption between the member and Web server, as well as between the Web server and back-end systems.
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What if I lose or forget my e-Statement PIN Code?
Please contact the credit union weekdays 9 am - 5:30 pm (CST) at 217-278-7700 or toll free at 877- 678-4328.
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What happens to my e-Statement history if I switch back to receiving a mailed statement?
All of your e-Statement history will be deleted. If you wish to print or save to a file your available statements, you must do so before canceling the e-Statement service.
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How much statement history can I view with e-Statements?
You are able to view the last three statements after three months of enrollment.
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How do I change my email address?
Click on the Manage Your Account link, make the change and click update. Please also update your email address in I-Branch Home Banking.
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Do I have to be an I-Branch user to view my statements online via e-Statement?
Yes. If you have not yet registered for I-Branch Home Banking, please enroll.
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Will I receive notification when my statement is available?
Yes. You will receive an email notification that your statement is ready to view to the email address that you have provided during enrollment.
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Will my e-Statements look the same as my regular printed statements?
Your e-Statements will look similar to your printed statements. E-Statements offer many additional features, such as viewing previous statements, current and prior newsletters, and an account reconciliation form.
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Can I receive a printed statement if my computer isn't working or I need one for some reason?
Yes. You may request a printed statement by calling the credit union weekdays 9 am - 5:30 pm (CST) at 217-278-7700 or toll free at 878-678-4328. There is a fee for each copy requested.
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How do I revert to regular statements?
Submit a new e-Statement Enrollment form, marking the "discontinue" option.
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How will I receive the promotional inserts that came with my printed statements?
To view the promotional inserts, select the link included in the email notification, or select the link after logging on.
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Can I view newsletters online?
Yes, select the News & Events link. This takes you to our newsletters.
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