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Checking FAQ

I have a checking account; do I also have a savings account?
If you are the primary member on your checking account, there is also a savings account under your member number. Every member is required to open a savings account with a $5 minimum balance. This savings account establishes and maintains your membership.
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Can I add another person to my checking account?
Yes, a member can add anyone, age 18 or older, as a joint owner to his/her account, as long as the joint individual is eligible for a checking account through the credit union. This person has total access to do transactions on only the specific account they are joint on. Once the person is joint on the account, they still are not necessarily eligible to open their own UIECU account. To open a membership account, they must meet the membership requirements. See UIECU's Mission & History.
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Do any of the accounts provide free checks?
The Loyalty Level 4 account offers free checks if you order the UIECU Logo checks and order them one box at a time. The Illini Draft Money Market and Members Money Market accounts also offer free checks, which come in a box of fifty at a time.
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Do any of the checking accounts earn interest?
Yes, the Loyalty Level 4 account earns dividends on the daily balance. The Illini Draft Money Market and Members Money Market accounts earn dividends and earn higher rates of interest for at varying tiers.
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Can I get an ATM/Debit card?
If you have a checking account you can apply for a Debit Card. The Debit Card has the VISA logo on it and may be used anywhere that VISA debit card is accepted, as well as in most ATM machines. There is a $5 annual fee with this card (unless you have Loyalty Levels 2-4 or the I-Checking accounts)and may also have a $1.00 usage fee at non-proprietary ATM machines and for PIN based debit purchases. The Illini Draft Money Market and Members Money Market accounts are not eligible for Debit Cards.
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How long does it take to get my Cash & Check Card?
It usually takes about 10 – 14 days to receive your Debit Card.
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Can I order checks over the telephone?
You can order checks online, mail in your reorder form, drop it off at the teller department, or see the member service department to reorder checks.
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Why did I get charged an $8.00 fee on my Eco-Checking or Illini Advantage Checking account? My average daily balance is over the minimum required.
The fee is not based on an average daily balance, but on daily balance. If your account ever goes below the minimum balance required, the fee is charged for that month. However, even if you happen to go below that balance several times during the month, you will only be charged the fee once. If you find yourself going below the minimum balance, the credit union does offer checking accounts with no minimum balance requirement and also offers an Overdraft Protection Line of Credit that will assist when an account goes negative. Additional fees and restrictions may apply.
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I have lost my Cash & Check Card and need to order a new one. Is there a fee for that?
Yes, if you have to reorder your Cash & Check Card because you have misplaced yours, there is a $15.00 fee that will be assessed to your account.
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I have had some problems with checking accounts in the past; can I open a checking account at UIECU?
All new accounts are verified through the credit bureau to determine if you are eligible to open an account. If you have had an account closed in the past due to Non-Sufficient Funds checks, fraud, or other situations at another financial situation we may not be able to open an account for you. However, any member is welcome to apply for a checking account.
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How do I switch my current bank account and all of my information to a UIECU account?
If you haven’t already done so, the first step is to become a UIECU member by opening a share savings account. Once you’ve opened an account, stop using your old accounts. You should stop writing checks, using your ATM/debt card, and initiating new payments from your old checking account. Leaving your old accounts active long enough allows outstanding checks and automatic withdrawals to clear. Leave enough money in place to cover these transactions. This process may take several weeks. Use the convenient forms in our Switch Kit to help you contact the companies and financial institutions which handle your automatic withdrawals with ease. We’ll be more than happy to help throughout this process.
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How do I reorder checks?
Visit Liberty Checks to reorder checks today. Once there you'll your yellow check reorder form with reorder number, or a current check with your routing and account numbers as well as your next check number.
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