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iPay FAQ

When will iBranch be down?
iBranch will be “View-Only” on Monday, July 7. No new transactions will be available for viewing.
Home Banking will be totally unavailable beginning Tuesday, July 8, 2014. Service will resume Wednesday, July 9, 2014. When service is restored a notice will be posted at www.uiecu.org.

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Will existing transaction history or eStatements be affected?
No, all existing account transaction history and eStatements will be available in the new iBranch.
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Will iTalk be affected during this upgrade?
No, you will be able to access iTalk as usual during the iBranch upgrade.
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Will my credit card be affected by the upgrade?
Some cards may be affected. It is important to note that if you have registered a card, for which you are not the primary account holder, it will no longer appear under your home banking account. After July 8, 2014 only primary account holders will have access to credit cards through their home banking login. If you pay your credit card from another credit union account we recommend that you contact a member service representative to set up automatic payments or review alternate options.
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What browsers are supported by the new iBranch?
Current and prior major releases of Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Chrome are supported. However, due to issues encountered by IE8 users, IE8 will not be supported beginning June 26, 2014, so members will need IE9 or higher.
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Will my home banking login process change?
Yes, there will be new security features that will affect your account after you login for the first time. You will be required to use your current account number or iBranch ID and password (up to the first 10 characters) for first time login after the upgrade. Once logged in you will need to complete the new authentication process which includes setting up a new security questions.
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How do I login after the upgrade?
You will use your existing Login ID, which may be your account number or an alternate that you’ve established. Your existing password will work as well, as long as it is no longer than 10 characters. If your current password is longer than 10 characters, just enter the first 10 characters in the password field for the new iBranch.

Please note that during your first login, you will be presented with a randomly generated personal image, once you get through the initial login you will be prompted to set up a unique image.
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Why can I only use up to the first 10 characters of my current password at initial login?
The new iBranch allows passwords to be no more than 10 characters long. If your password is more than 10 characters long we recommend that you change it prior to the upgrade to avoid any confusion.
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Will I need to re-enroll my account in iBranch?
No, you will not need to re-enroll. However, you may see some changes to your login information. Please see login information above.
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Will I need to reset any information after the upgrade is complete?
Yes, you will be required to reset authentication information (i.e., your security questions) after your first login. You will also need to reset any account alerts that you currently have set up. All other information such as: scheduled transfers, bill pay payees, non-UIECU transfers, and joint accounts will not be affected.
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Can I view sent secure messages in the message center?
You will not be able to see sent messages unless you have received a reply. A copy of your original message will show at the bottom of the reply.
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Why does the balance of my visa listed on the account page not match the balance listed on the visa portal?
The balance listed on the accounts page is only updated once a day. If you have made payments or purchases after the update your balances will not match. The most accurate information can be found by selecting the VISA Credit Card tab at the top of the page.
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Can I change the timeout settings so I am never logged out of iBranch?
For security purposes the timeout is set to 10 minutes and cannot be changed. If the system does not detect activity for 10 minutes you will be logged out and required to login again for access.
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How do I print a check if no print button is visible?
You can use ctrl+p or right click on the image and select print.
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When I download transaction history to an excel file I see the # sign instead of my information, how do I fix this?
You can fix this by expanding the columns of your file within excel. The # sign means the information is too long and does not currently fit in the column and it needs to be expanded.
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When will iPay be down?
iPay will be unavailable beginning Thursday, July 3, 2014. Service will resume Wednesday, July 9, 2014.
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Will my bill pay and online transfers process as normal during this time?
No, all bill pay and home banking transfers scheduled from July 3-8 will not process as scheduled. You will need to login to home banking prior to the upgrade and postpone these items. All payments that fall within the upgrade window will need to be rescheduled for a different date. We recommend that you make alternate arrangements if this creates an issue with your payments.
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Will payments scheduled for Wednesday, July 9 and later process as normal?
Yes, any payments scheduled to occur on or after Wednesday, July 9, will work as expected, as long as they are set on or before July 3 or after July 9.
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Are there any changes in the way iPay payments are processed?
Yes, Payments sent by check will be mailed to your payees on the scheduled date but will debit your account at the time they are cashed - just like a regular check. Electronic payment processing will remain unchanged - the payment will be debited from your account on the date it is scheduled. Payments submitted after 2 pm CST will be processed the next business day.
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Will I have access to my iPay history after the upgrade?
iPay history prior to July 9 will not be accessible after the upgrade. We recommend that you login prior to the upgrade and download any information you may need.
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Are there any other changes that I should be aware of regarding iPay?
Yes, iPay memos cannot be longer than 25 characters. If you have a memo longer than this we recommend that you change it before the upgrade. Any memos longer than 25 characters will be truncated to only display first 25 characters.
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Is a demo available for the new iPay?
Yes, click here to view a demo of the new iPay.
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How do I delete a payee?
In order to delete a payee you will need to select the payee from the payments page, click on edit payee (right side of the screen) and check the box at the bottom of the page indicating you would like to delete the payee. Click submit and your request will be processed.
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Why does my iPay personal information not match the information on the iBranch page?
The iPay information may be previous information you had on file with us. This information was used at the time you enrolled for this service. If it is incorrect please update the information and make sure it matches what you see in iBranch and have on file with the credit union.
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What new features will the new iBranch bring?
Mobile Apps for iPhone and Android users
Online Financial Management Tools
A new look to bill pay- iPay
Person to Person transfer capabilities
Remote Check Deposit for qualified members
New, More robust account alerts
Access to eBill

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What is eBill?
eBill will allow members to receive bills from registered companies (phone, water, electric, cable) directly through home banking. eBill will provide an added layer of convenience by eliminating the need to navigate to multiple websites to pay your bills.
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What are Person to Person transfers?
Person to Person transfers will allow members to make payments using only the recipient’s name and email address. You will now be able to pay your babysitter, landscaper, housekeeper, family and friends without knowing their banking information.
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