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What is the Illinois Alumni VISA® affinity card and its relationship to the University of Illinois Alumni Association?
The UIAA offers this credit card as The Official Credit Card of the University of Illinois through its partnership with the University of Illinois Employees Credit Union (UIECU). The program features the logos and images of the University of Illinois and lets Alumni and fans show their support by carrying and using the card.
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What are the key features of this new credit card offer?
Along with rates as low as 3.90% APR on purchases and balance transfers for 12 months, UIAA Affinity VISA® credit card benefits include:

• No Annual Fee
• No Balance Transfer Fees
• No Cash Advance Fees

Plus, the new Affinity Card offers a Rewards Card option where you'll earn 1 point for every dollar you spend, anywhere you shop, with the card. These points can be redeemed for round-trip airline tickets, gift cards at major retailers, and more! You can even redeem your points as a donation to the University of Illinois Alumni Association!

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What card designs are available?
There are six card designs to choose from: Block I, Red Grange, Alma Mater, UIC Flames, UIS Dome, and UIS Prairie Stars
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How do I apply for a UIAA Affinity Card?
Click here at illinoiscards.org or call the credit union at 877-678-4328. Stop by any UIECU branch for an application or print and return the pdf application. Applications should be mailed to: UIECU, ATTN: Affinity Card Services, PO Box 500, Champaign, IL 61824-0500.
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Who is the University of Illinois Employees Credit Union (UIECU)?
UIECU is a member-owned financial institution and is the endorsed provider of the UIAA Affinity Card. They are a full-service credit union dedicated to: Serving and Celebrating Campus & Community Through Quality Financial Service.
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I already have a UIAA affinity credit card from the former partner, Bank of America. Is this the same?
No. The cards currently offered through UIECU are the only cards that provide benefits back to UIAA each time a purchase is made.
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I’m having problems viewing the application or Web pages.
For optimum functionality, we recommend using Internet Explorer 7.0 or higher. Web pages are also compatible with current versions of Mozilla Firefox and Safari. The application requires the latest versions of Adobe Reader and Flash, click to download free upgrades to the most recent versions. If you are having additional problems with the pages or application, please contact Affinity Services or call the credit union at 877-678-4328.
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I do not want to apply online. How else can I apply?
A pdf version of the online application is available, here. Please feel free to fill out and print this document. You may submit it either in person at any credit union location, or return it by mail to: UIECU, ATTN: Affinity Services, PO Box 500, Champaign, IL 61824-0500.

Click here and request that an application be mailed to you.

You may also contact the credit union at 877-678-4328.
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Can I add more than one person to my account?
There can only be two cardholders per account: the primary cardholder and a secondary cardholder. However, additional authorized users may be added to an account. To add an authorized user please call 877-678-4328.
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I like more than one of the card designs, is there any way I can have multiple designs?
No, unfortunately we are only able to offer one design per account.
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What is the Annual Percentage Rate (APR)?
The APR ranges between 10.90%-17.90% APR, depending on creditworthiness and product selected.
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Is there an Annual Fee?
No, there is no Annual Fee associated with the UIAA card.
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Is there a Cash Advance Fee or a Balance Transfer Fee?
No, there are no Cash Advance Fees or Balance Transfer Fees associated with the UIAA cards.
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Are there points available on this card?
Yes, you may select a Rewards Card option provided through ScoreCard® Rewards. Browse the Rewards Program, Back to Top

I applied for my UIECU VISA Card. When should I expect to receive my card?
Upon approval, you will receive your card in 7 to 10 business days.
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How can I access my UIECU VISA Card information?
Access your UIECU VISA information through I-Branch Home banking. If you’re a current I-Branch user, just select your VISA Credit Card from the “Accounts” screen, and follow to your account information.

You will have the ability to:
- Make payments
- Enroll in eStatements
- View and download transaction history
- See detail on specific transactions
- See current balance, payment amount due, payment due date
- View statements
- View payment history
- Set transaction alerts
- Initiate disputes
- Initiate Balance Transfers
- And, more!

By Phone:
VISA information can also be accessed by calling Cardholder Services at 866-264-1330.

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What is my VISA® Personal Identification Number (PIN)?
Your VISA® PIN is randomly selected and mailed to your statement address within 7 to 10 business days. You can use the PIN to access cash advances and other services. PINs are not assigned or changed at the credit union. If you have your PIN but want to change it call 800-646-7539. If you’ve lost your PIN, please contact 866-264-1330 to request a replacement.
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How can I get a cash advance on my UIECU VISA, and are there any fees?
You can access a cash advance on your UIECU VISA by using the card at any ATM with your provided PIN, or at a teller window at any institution that issues VISA Credit Cards. The credit union does not charge a Cash Advance Fee and the Cash Advance APR is your current APR.
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What should I do if my VISA® credit card is lost or stolen?
Call 800-449-7728. When you call, a VISA® representative will take your information, place a block on your account, and order a replacement card (at your request).
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What if a charge I don’t recognize is on my billing statement?
Information on how to dispute a charge is included on the back of your statement. We recommend that members contact the merchant or company to inquire about the nature of the charge before submitting a dispute; you may find an 800/888 number listed directly below the merchant’s name on the statement. Please call 866-264-1330 with further inquiries
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What if I am going out of town for an extended period? How do I make my VISA® payments?
Several payment methods are available to you. Online, you may make your payments with I-Branch at www.uiecu.org, by transferring funds from your credit union accounts. By phone, you may call Touch Tone Teller at 217-244-2131 or 800-821-7574 to transfer a payment from your credit union accounts. The credit union also has several automatic payment options available with applications online at VISA Payments Online.
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I will be traveling with my card and want to avoid problems with fraud alerts restricting card access. What can I do to minimize potential problems in that scenario?
Call the credit union at 1-877-678-4328, or send a secure message in the credit union’s I-Branch home banking system indicating location(s) of travel and dates. Your travel plans will be noted on your account profile which can reduce the chance of fraud monitoring systems restricting access due to non-typical transactions on your account
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When I log into my account, I have an Alumni Savings account listed with a $5 balance? Where did the $5 come from?
When you apply for a UIAA Affinity Card, you also become a member of the U of I Employees Credit Union, who is the provider of the UIAA Affinity Card. All members of UIECU need to maintain a $5 balance in a savings account. When your UIAA Affinity Card was opened, UIECU made your required $5 deposit for you.
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Why are UIAA and UIECU promoting the use of credit cards, given our country's high rate of personal debt and low rate of savings?
Used wisely, credit cards are a convenient way to pay for goods and services. The UIAA VISA® allows responsible credit users the ability to support University of Illinois students and alumni while earning points towards free travel, merchandise, or even UIAA donations. For help on how to manage your finances and protect your credit, visit the BALANCE Financial Fitness Program for advice, planning tools, a free monthly newsletter, and more.
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Where do I mail my VISA Credit Card payment if I am using Online Bill Pay from my UIECU or other checking account?
The mailing address for payments is: VISA, PO Box 660493, Dallas, TX 75266-0493.
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What is EMV?
EMV (Europay, Mastercard®, Visa®) is a micro-computer chip technology that provides increased security capability. EMV chip cards are equipped with a small metallic square on the front of the card that holds card information. Originating in Europe, EMV technology has been instrumental in preventing the spread of credit card fraud.
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Can I use my EMV card outside of the country?
Absolutely! In fact, many countries are already utilizing EMV technology. However, it’s still good practice to inform the credit union when you will be traveling
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How does EMV technology help to prevent fraudulent card activity?
The microchip implanted in the card adds another layer of security to all transactions. When using an EMV card to process a transaction, the chip sends a random code to the terminal that is unique to your card and your PIN number. In addition, the code is randomly generated and changes with each transaction. Therefore, even if your card data is compromised, the information is useless without your microchip and your PIN number.
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Do the EMV chip cards still have the magnetic strip?
Yes, your new EMV chip card will include the magnetic strip, giving you dual-purpose technology to enhance your purchasing capabilities. This means that you will be able to use EMV chip at retailers who support EMV processing, and the magnetic strip at all other locations.
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Do I use my EMV chip card differently?
Yes, Instead of swiping the card at the terminal, EMV cards will need to be inserted in the terminal until the transaction is finished. Once the transaction is finished, the terminal will release the card back to you.
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How does an online transaction work with EMV?
We are planning on launching the cards in June and will issue the new EMV cards as your old card expires.
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When will the new cards become available?
We are planning on launching the cards in June and will issue the new EMV cards as your old card expires.
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Can I receive my EMV card before my old card expires?
Yes, upon request you can receive your new EMV card before expiration of your old card. However, you must destroy your old card upon receipt so that it can no longer be used.
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How do I activate the new card?
When you receive your new card, there will be a phone number listed on the card. Simply call the number and follow the prompts to activate the card.
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Where can I learn more?
If you have any questions pertaining to the EMV cards, please feel free to give us a call at 217-278-7700 or stop in to one of our branches. More information can also be found at www.smartcardalliance.org/smart-cards-applications-emv.
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